Feike Siewertsz van Reesema

About Feike

Feike Siewertsz van Reesema was born in The Hague on December 28, 1976.

Halfway through 1981, he and his parents, both medical specialists, moved to Deventer. This is where he completed primary and secondary schools. While attending secondary school, he became aware of his communication skills and entrepreneurial drive. After achieving his diploma, he decided to study Real Estate at the Hogeschool of Groningen. Van Reesema was actively involved with Vindicat Student Association during his studies. He also put his theoretical knowledge into practice at Overduin Makelaars.


In 1998, Feike Siewertsz van Reesema started his career in real estate. His first position was as Assistant Appraiser at Diephuis Stevens, under the experienced tutelage of Jan Diephuis. Following that learning experience, Feike transferred to Keij & Stefels Real Estate Agency, in the heart of Amsterdam. Here Van Reesema continued to develop his commercial and communication skills. In addition to buying and selling homes, Van Reesema learned a great deal about real estate management and investment. Feike acquired a high level of expertise, and decided to follow his heart and start his own business in 2001. Van Reesema is co-founder of Pinnacle, and later the Beleggingsgroep (Investment Group), through which Feike built a real estate portfolio for the greater Amsterdam area. The Lairessegroep (Lairesse Group) was established in mid-2008, and Van Reesema was a managing partner for five years. He shared responsibility for the creation of a comprehensive nationwide residential portfolio. In 2012, Van Reesema joined RICS, a global organization of real estate professionals with primary objectives relating to: regulation and promotion of the profession, enforcement of the highest standards of both education and professional practices, protection of customers and clients based on a strict code of conduct, and dispensation of impartial advice, analyses, and guidelines.

Based on his experience and extensive network, Van Reesema was asked to join a foreign investor, with whom he started a residential property fund in 2014, as a strategic partner. This joint venture deals with the acquisition of the national residential portfolios for banks, insurance agencies, pension funds, and residential corporations. It also focuses on large-scale new housing developments. Van Reesema and his partners are collaborating to build a sustainable and top quality residential portfolio, which is expected to yield high returns in the medium term. Van Reesema is also sole shareholder of Siewertsz Beleggingen, which he uses for ongoing participation and shareholding in various partnerships.

Additional Activities

In addition to his primary job, Feike Siewertsz van Reesema is closely involved with issues relating to public housing. Van Reesema is an active member of Task Group Housing of the Professioneel Platform Vastgoedbelang (Professional Platform for Real Estate Interests), is an active member of Task Group Housing of RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and Managing Director of ULI (Urban Land Institute). Van Reesema gives lectures and seminars on a regular basis about changing rules and regulations in the residential sector. He also plays an intermediary role between the professional Dutch real estate sector and the extensive interests of foreign investors in the Dutch real estate market. Van Reesema is a Member of the Board at the Godelindeschool in Hilversum, where his children attend school.

Personal Information

After Feike Siewertsz van Reesema finished his studies, he moved to Amsterdam where he met his future wife. They have three children, and even though his career keeps him busy, he still has time to fully enjoy being a father.